The Rescripts



RESCRIPTA is a set of writings that, at present, contains four Rescripts. These are available as the final section of the latest edition of The Athenadoran Library. In the first two of these very important shorter works Athenadorus expounds on Human Rights, on Male Liberation, and on Women's Rights, which he considers to be the foundation of all Rights, Human and Civil.

The first two Rescripts present powerful arguments in support of Women's rights and of Gay rights, arguments that, because they are firmly rooted in facts scientific, cannot be lightly dismissed.

These works expose several facts and much scientific data that have been purposely ignored by many, seemingly because the logical extension of those facts too often leads to conclusions detrimental to the prejudices and hate-filled misunderstandings on which many widespread, modern cults are based.

The divinity of the Female and the rights and responsibility of sexuality are two of the many aspects that define the Danaan point of view. These Rescripts further emphasize that worldview.

Elevation of the Male from the strictures imposed by superstitions of the past, and the expansion of his opportunities within a fully supportive cultural framework is also central to the Danaan point of view. This Rescript explains that concept.

The third rescript continues that point of view of Male Liberation and explains Athenadorus's high opinion of Fatherhood and the role fathers play in engendering the healthy lives of their offspring.

Additional volumes will be periodically appended to this set of Rescripts and Enodations. These Rescripts will further Athenadorus's exploration of Danaan viewpoints. The Enodations (lit., "the unraveling of knots") will be documents explaining the attitudes and practices of others, and why Danaans, and other logically-minded adults, reject those conditions.


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