Eduard Qualls



Eduard Qualls is an American writer of wide knowledge, interests and experience. His academic background includes a BA in German and Music (with minor in French), an MS in Business Administration (IT concentration, with CS), along with college-level work in Spanish and Chinese, and graduate-level work in Latin and Music. He has augmented this with studies in Homeric, Ancient and Modern Greek, as well as in Sanskrit, the Semitic languages, and Japanese. His studies were sped along by his having tested out of a complete year of college.

He also has decades of experience in computer programming, software project management and management.

Balancing that, he is a composer, writer and, as he describes himself, a moderate revolutionary, although some of his friends have termed him a fiscally reactionary revolutionary.

Mr Qualls's graduate adviser at San Francisco State University, Professor Sam Gill, called him “the great communicator” because of his ability, and eagerness, to get up before a group and speak. That propensity for clear and forceful expression has led him to produce one book that explains, and soon-to-appear books that are examples of, the language skills forming the foundation of lucid presentation.

The Qualls Concise English Grammar is only the first of the books we hope to present from Mr Qualls's pen.

His personal website with more information (including an explanation of his seal and motto, above) can be visited here.


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